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Judd Weirbach's book, "Dad's Girl," is about his daughter Tiffany, and her battle with cancer. Dad's Girl is about doctors who told less than the truth, finding hope in the most dim of situations and the ends to which a parent will go to try to save their child's life. Ultimatley, "Dad's Girl" is about a special bond between a father and his daughter and how memories of their time together sustain Weirbach to this day.

Tiffany was determined to ride her Honda CBR 900- RR even while undergoing chemo treatments, she was not going to let cancer control or eliminate her love of riding sportbikes. The very unique way the author has with written words describes to the reader what takes place in the family when a daughter is dealing with a life threatening disease. The book is well written and shows a very touching and emotional side of father and daughter that to date has not been written about in such a poignant and certainly honest manner. READ MORE >


Feedback from readers on the pre-release edition of the book:

  • "As a daughter that had a very poor relationship with my father, I only wish this book had been available then for my father to read. It could have made a difference in our relationship."

  • "Why is this book the first I have been aware of, where the father, and not the mother, has written a book about the daughter? Are that many fathers not willing to "open up" about their emotions? What a read!"

  • "This book has made a profound impact in my life. I no longer take my children's good health for granted. The author has in effect caused me to hug my wife and children more closely, and more frequently."

  • "I had heard about the book Dad's Girl, from a friend. She was kind enough to let me read her copy. My reaction after I finished reading the book was one that surprised even me, not a particularly romantic or emotional guy.... The father ,daughter, bond between the author and his daughter was obviously very special.... If there were more family's like this one, where love was in the home, the world would be a much better place to live in."